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Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe

Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe
In your youth years as a precocious aspiring cook, you've probably wondered about the elements in the KFC poultry recipe.
Well, so have numerous other children as well as their mothers and dads while munching their way through each piece of skin and meat and, eventually, sucking the bone to get every last ounce of flavor. Who does not want to enjoy the flavours of a KFC fried poultry at home every day? The inventor of the KFC poultry recipe took great pains not to reveal any one of the ingredients and preparation methods required with making the finger lickin good chicken.

It remains to this day a carefully guarded trade secret though others have proclaimed to be comfortable with the KFC poultry recipe. Yes, even the trademark 11 spices and herbs are yet to be declared to the outside world. Well, a trade secret it might be, but you can consistently hope to find the KFC poultry recipe that most strongly resembles the original as produced by Colonel Sanders. You could always fully copy the KFC authentic or spicy poultry recipe down to the last juicy bite. Place shortening to the pressure cooker and heat over moderate heat to the shortening reaches 400F.

Beat the egg and milk inside a small bowl. Mixing the remaining six dry elements in another bowl. Roll the moistened poultry in the flour mixture until well coated. Drop the covered poultry pieces to the shortening and lock the lid. You'll delightedly discover, as I've, that the KFC poultry recipe isn't as difficult to do as it appears. The components including the spices and herbs and also the preparation and frying techniques are detailed in a stage-by step guide, which a good 5th grader just started as a fry a single leg of poultry can follow. The beauty of adhering to a popular KFC poultry recipe is that you could make lots of fried chickens for a military, if you need, and yet not worry about the expenses rivaling the spending budget shortfall of the US.