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Life History of Professor Albert Einstein

Life History of Professor Albert Einstein
Einstein is probably the world's greatest scientist. The Nobel Prize winner, who solved the riddle of the photoelectric effect and suggested the general theory of
relativity, died on Apr 18, 1955, aged 76 after laying the basis of modern physics and altering humanity's perspectives on space, time, mass, and energy. Did you know he was preoccupied by fried eggs? That's among 10 wacky things about the man behind the popular equation E = mc 2 that we learn from the book Einstein at Home, which will be published in English in May 2016 for the 1st time. The book features five interviews conducted by researcher Friedrich Herneck with Herta Waldow, ne Schiefelbein, who'd been the live-in housekeeper of Einstein in the Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf district of Berlin for six years.

Einstein's second wife had been his cousin Elsa Loewenthal. Elsa could not convince Einstein to pay for a barber so she'd cut his hair herself. And before you think anything rude is being rude, please note that the glasses had a set of spectacles with a handle. In addition to his disheveled hair, Elsa likewise trimmed the good researcher's moustache. Penny pinching appears to have already been a thing in the Einstein family - a seven room apartment. Waldow, who'd been the housekeeper from 1927-1933, said he was constantly short of money and his wife was very cent pinching. He would wear them until it had been no longer possible. Waldow had to deliver fried eggs and scrambled eggs nearly every day for his breakfast. There is also a lot of honey, which we purchased by the pail, brought by a beekeeper.