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Life of Professor Stephen Hawking's

Life of Professor Stephen Hawking's

Hawking wanted to concentrate on maths in his last few years at school where his mathematics tutor had inspired him to study the area.
However, Hawking's father was firmly against the idea and Hawking was convinced to make chemistry his primary school subject. Part of his father thinking was that he needed Hawking to go to University School, Oxford, the School he himself had attended, which College had no math fellow. In Mar 1959 Hawking took the scholarship exams with the purpose of studying natural sciences at Oxford. From Oxford, Hawking went to Cambridge to take up research usually relativity and cosmology, a challenging area for somebody with only a small mathematical foundation.

Hawking had discovered that he was becoming somewhat awkward during his last year at Oxford and, when he returned home for Christmas 1962 towards the ending of his first term at Cambridge, his mother convinced him to see a physician. After finishing his doctorate in 1966 Hawking was given a fellowship at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Between 1965 and 1970 Hawking worked on singularities in the theory of general relativity formulating new numerical methods to study this area of cosmology. From 1970 Hawking started to apply his previous thoughts to the study of black holes. Continuing this work on blacks holes, Hawking discovered in 1970 an amazing property.

In 1971 Hawking examined the development of the Universe and expected that, pursuing the big bang, several objects as heavy as 109 tons, but only the size of the proton will be created. In 1982 Hawking decided to write a favorite book on cosmology. Hawking was given a pc system to allow him to have an electric voice. While several prominent physicists, cosmologists and astronomers have made essential contributions to the study of quantum gravitation and cosmology, the impact of Stephen Hawking's contributions to really stand up field out.

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