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Michael Jackson Biography

Michael Jackson Biography

The 3 bodyguards for The King of Pop said he was a reclusive person who liked to spend time with her children, sightsee on the Las Vegas strip, as well as proceed through drive through for junk food.
They explained Michael Jackson as incredibly lonely and that the celebrity entertainer was filled with Stress, paranoia, and pain. Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield, as well as Javon Beard went public with all this and more on Tuesday Good Morning America show on ABC television. Among the revelations was a bizarre tale about a birthday celebration for one of Jackson's children wherein only Jackson, the tutor, the nanny, and 3 bodyguards attended.

There were no other kids present at this birthday celebration. Jackson died on June 25 after going for a mix of prescription drugs and propofol. There is nevertheless a study going with foul play being insinuated. When Javon Beard first met Jackson the pop star came in to meet him with a physician's mask on. The 3 bodyguards disclosed that although they initially signed up for the job as guardians they also became confessors that learned a lot of Jackson's most serious secrets. All 3 of the bodyguards gave Jackson the maximum marks to be an Awesome father. Jackson as well as the kids would often go through junk food drive through for Big Mac or fried chicken.

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