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The Secrets of Chetan Bhagat

The Secrets of Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is attempting to see the globe from the other side of the spectrum. That brings us to the One Indian Girl - Radhika Mehta, a new and effective banker, who tells us why her life's going down the hill.
Only when she's out on a walk with her husband-to-be, she gets a message from who else, but her old boyfriend that has unexpectedly re found his lost love for her. The lover from 4 years ago in NY pops up in Goa in under twenty four hours. That prompts Radhika to take a flashback to NY, where we see her visiting tony eateries, shunning her middle income, studious Dili woman moorings.

Cut to cut this, will she break off her forthcoming wedding with her fianc and hightail it with her old boyfriend only prior to taking the final vow? Preview of a Karan Johar film, anyone? Some of the essential scenes in the book might readily make the transition on to the silver screen. Back to our book, the 1st half labors beside Radhika as she tries to fit to the clout of a contemporary woman. The writer does make a point on the imperceptible pressure on woman to look good, particularly, when she's out with a man. It is a still a lot of to bear when our heroine wears a Prada outfit is called as dull by her sister.

Or when the 27 year old lady, who's single handedly investing a near fortune to conduct her very own destination wedding, is asked from the mother to stop waving her feminism flag for her all too critical week. Objects in this book come heavily marked with adjectives that cry outside the wealth and the so-called status of its owners. For there's no bag in this book, it is a Louis Vuitton or Tumi. Major IT and global businesses aren't passing mentions, but stamp their significance in the digital era. The fiance - who operates in Facebook, IIMA, IIMC and Harvard University graduates, workers of JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley - all jostle for space in the book.

The writer's own expertise as a banker at Goldman Sachs drags us to the elaborate lanes of the financial domain, a not too thrilling prospect. For anybody who will be greater than interested, the waxing picture comes early on in the book. The chapter in itself doesn't in whatever way justify the now notorious video of Bhagat, wherein he said that the encounter helped him find out women. Chetan Bhagat wants to find out women, goes for waxing.