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Six More Breed of Dogs Banned

Six More Breed of Dogs Banned

There'll be six more breed of dogs banned from entering the country. When the new principle kicks in, the list of banned breed of dogs that regulators deem as dangerous may expand from the present seven to 13.
Nonetheless, the ministry didn't uncover the new dog breeds which will be prohibited under the new changes. The selection contains amendments on exiting conditions, harmonizing with global standards, to attain greater protection of the surroundings as well as the community from dangerous ailments which may be transmitted by imported animals. The United Arab Emirates does not allow the importation of pets under the age of four months also all pets should have their rabies vaccination when they're at least 3 months old and at least twenty one days before entry.

The new rules to govern the breed of dangerous animals. But now the new rule should include both dogs and cats. After the principle takes effect, it is likely that regulators may even start inflicting fines on residents if they're seen with such dangerous dogs in their houses, he said. Any dog may be dangerous, and it is fairly common in lots of countries to prohibit dogs from being imported to the country.

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