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5 Ways To Find Direction Without A Compass

5 Ways To Find Direction Without A Compass

Hiking or camping out can be a fun, thrilling way to take in the great outdoors. But if you are traveling in an area that you are not very familiar with, it may frequently be simple to move off trail and lose your path. While you must always possess a compass in your materials to be safe, you might sometimes find yourself with no navigational tool. Fortunately, there are various way to find your direction without the aid of the compass, so you might wish to brush up on some of them before the next hiking or camping out trip only to be safe.

Identify the Big Dipper. The Big Dipper is composed of seven of the sky brightest stars, and is found either high or low in the northern sky, depending upon the season. It also rotates around the North Star, which is the reason it is important when you are attempting to find your direction in the northern hemisphere. So long as you are located no less than 23.5 degrees north latitude, the constellation is always above the skyline. Four of the stars sort the Big Dipper's bowl, whilst the other 3 form a handle. Using the North Star to find your direction is most effective on a clear night.

In case the sky is hazy or you'll find clouds, you cannot be capable to quickly identify the Big Dipper. Drive a stick in the ground. Try to locate a stick that's about 2 legs long and push it in the ground just enough to secure it so it stands upright. It is also important to select a stick that's as straight as possible.

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