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9 Humans With Authentic Superpowers That Scientists Can

9 Humans With Authentic Superpowers That Scientists Can
Or regular individuals who could remember every detail of their lives down to the date and time, humans with special capabilities seem to be abundant in society. Special capabilities go far beyond what several savants are doing today, and science was researching these capabilities for decades, despite that the results aren't always emphasized by mainstream academia. Remote viewing is the power of an individual to describe a remote geographic location up to many hundred thousand kilometers from their actual physical locations. In these experiments, numerous people were able to describe unique objects which were situated in a different room, and the other remote physical places from where their body wasn't.

As documented by publication in the Journal Scientific Exploration, one among the study individuals, Ingo Swann, was able to effectively describe and see a ring around Jupiter that researchers had no idea existed at that time. Individuals had the ability to totally fold or contort their metal individuals without any physical force being applied whatsoever. There are also studies of people having the ability to Teleport full physical objects in one place to another. No matter if you think this is a fraud, or a question the validity of what occurred with Uri Geller, the fact that awareness has some kind of measurable affect on our physical material earth has become, at least some researchers believe, securely established in scientific literature.

He's best known for his capability to observe accurate representations of towns for moments, and after that portray them with remarkable precision. Wim Hof raised the brows of numerous researchers after he was able to utilize meditation to remain submerged in ice for nearly 2 hours without his core temperature of the body changing one bit. As Wim was able to effectively preserve his core temperature of the body in such a severe environment, he is since gone on to climb Mount Everest in his shorts, resist elevation illness, complete a marathon in the Namib Desert with no water, and proven under a lab setting that he is able to influence his autonomic nerve system and immunity system at will.

During a visit to remote monasteries in the eighties, Harvard University professor of medication Herbert Benson and his team of scientists studied monk living in the Himalayan Mountains who can, by g Tum-mo, increase the conditions of their fingers and toes by just as much as 17 degrees. This is very substantial, and it is still unknown how a monks are able to generate such heat. In the year 1985, the Harvard University research team made a video of monks drying cold, wet sheets with body heat only. Just over this past year, I wrote an article about meditating collapsing quantum systems far away, you may read that HERE. There's no shortage of literature with regards to Buddhism monks, and monks from all around the world, who possess Supernormal abilities. If you are further intrigued in this topic, I recommend reading Supernormal: Science, Yogo, and the Evidence for extraordinary mental abilities of Dr. Dean Radin, chief researcher at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

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