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8 Most Mysterious Places across the World

The world is full of mysterious places and things that arouse our curiosity and leave us totally
fascinated. What`s more is that some of these stupefy us and in spite of our repeated attempts, we
have failed in solving their mysteries. Here is a brief on the strangest places on earth that still
manage to baffle us:

The Bermuda Triangle
8 Most Mysterious Places across the World

The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the Atlantic Ocean and it is located between San Juan,
Miami and Bermuda. It is also called the Devil's Triangle mainly for the reason that over the
years, numerous aircrafts and ships, along with the passengers, have vanished over it. The true
reason of disappearance is still not known, with a few conjectures suggesting severe weather
conditions to be responsible, while some others have talked about the role of a magnetic force
and some opinions have even speculated the role of alien species in the disappearance.

Pamukkale, Turkey
8 Most Mysterious Places across the World

Pamukkale, a location in Denizli, Turkey, is especially famous for the mysterious white pools
that are a result of calcium carbonate deposited over the years. At first sight, these enchanting
pools seem to be completely covered with snow but in reality there is not even a little bit of snow
in this place. Here, the temperature may even touch 100-degrees Fahrenheit and what`s more,
these pools shaped like terraces are not cold at all.

Koekohe Beach, New Zealand
8 Most Mysterious Places across the World

It`s the Moeraki Boulders that has made the Koekohe Beach, lying in the Otago coast of New
Zealand a must-visit place. These are spherically shaped huge boulders and are strewn
throughout the beach.. The weight of each boulder is around several tones and they at times grow
up to 12-feet in circumference.

Nevada Desert, US
8 Most Mysterious Places across the World

One of the eye-catching attractions of Nevada Desert in the United States is the Fly Geyser, a
group of unique and coloured mounds that spout water up to a height of five feet. These strange
masses are not open for public view and they remain a mystery till date.

Pyramids of Giza
8 Most Mysterious Places across the World

These wondrous pyramids located in the city of Giza, in Egypt baffle the curiosity of visitors
from around the world. They are the remnants of an ancient civilization and in spite of the
tremendous progress and development that the modern world has achieved, we are still unable to
figure out the specific details regarding how the construction of these extraordinary pyramids
was completed by the architects and labourers of the ancient era.

Teotihuacan, Mexico
8 Most Mysterious Places across the World

The Teotihuacan archaeological site is situated at a distance of around 30 miles from Mexico
city. According to archaeologists, prior to the 1400s, Teotihuacan was the most prominent city in
the entire Western Hemisphere region. Many historically significant structures, including The
Pyramid of the Sun are an integral part of this location.

Mount Roraima
8 Most Mysterious Places across the World

Mount Roraima is an enchanting mountain located at the converging point of three nations,
namely, Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. One of its peculiar features is that though it is a
mountain, it doesn`t have a peak and the top is flat. This summit is cloaked by fog and it spreads
across a stretch of about 31 square kilometers. Further, it is more astonishing that both wildlife
and flora are available here in plenty.

The Richat Structure in Mauritania
8 Most Mysterious Places across the World

The enigma of the Richat Structure in Mauritania bewilders one and all. It is a mysterious round
feature found in the Sahara desert. Known as the “Eye of the Sahara”, the Richat Structure can
be clearly viewed from the space only. The earlier assumption was that it was formed by the
impact of asteroids and then some thought that it was the consequence of the eruption of a
volcano. And recently, this feature was considered to be the result of the erosion of a huge rock.

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