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5 million people die every year with this disease, will now fix it by Toothpaste

Malaria causes more than 5 lakh deaths every year in Africa and South-East Asia.

New Delhi: Toothpaste makes the teeth strong and shiny The elements present in it keep your breath fresh and protect the teeth from breaking down. But have you ever thought that besides toothpaste teeth can save you from any disease? Yes, in a recent research, it has been found that toothpaste can save you from malaria.

It was discovered in London that in toothpaste, soap and detergent, one element is found, which is capable of fighting malaria germs, according to research conducted under the robotic scientific eve, an element called trichlogen found in toothpaste, especially malaria parasites By blocking an enzyme called DHFR prevents its growth.

Anti-malarial medicine Pyrimethamine mainly attacks DHER. This drug has a general effect on malaria parasites in Africa.

Researchers proved that trichlogen was also effective on those parasites of malaria which were capable of fighting pyrimethamine.

In a Brazil-based university, Assistant Professor and Chief Writer Elizabeth Beelsland told a newspaper called Scientific Reports that after robotic scientists discovered that trichlogen is capable of fighting malaria, we have the hope that it should be developed and developed as a new drug. May be.

He said that it is a safe compound and its ability to attack two points of the life cycle of malaria parasites shows that it will be difficult to resist for malaria parasites.

When it is trichlogen in toothpaste, it prevents the formation of the bacteria of the plague by deactivating an enzyme called InR. reductase (ENR) in the liver to form fatty acids.

The researchers said that as the trichlogen affects directly to the ANR and DHER. It is therefore likely to have an effect on the liver and blood.

Malaria causes more than 5 lakh deaths every year in Africa and South-East Asia.

In order to fight this disease, where there are many types of medicines, malaria parasites have also started to grow rapidly with the ability to fight these medicines. This has led to the possibility of malaria being ineffective in the future.

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