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What are the 6 Best Android Apps For 2019 ?

There are millions of apps in the Google play store and out of them numerous apps have the same utilities. However, in the play store there are also some apps that take up most of the storage space on
your device and this results in wastage of space. So, you need to identify the best ones and figure out whether they are essential before downloading them. To save your time, we have drawn up a list of
some of the free and most essential android apps that are available on Play Store:

1. Nova Launcher

This is a lightweight as well as smooth app and there are several icon packs made available in the Play Store to transform its looks. Once this app substitutes your home screen, you can customize it. With this app, you can change icons, animations, layouts and execute several other tasks.

2. Swiftkey

The Swiftkey keyboard makes use of artificial intelligence and can also foresee what the user is going to type. This app is also equipped with features such as gesture typing and autocorrect which enable
faster input of information by the user.  In this app, you will also find a wide array of themes and a GIF search engine which is built into the app.

 3. Google Duo

It is one of the best video calling apps available on Play Store. Google Duo works on android as well as iOS Phones and with this app, you can initiate video conversations with your loved ones anytime

4. Evernote

By using Evernote you can take down notes in different formats such as video, text, audio, photos and many more. This app synchronizes across all devices that you use and eases workflow. With Evernote it becomes easier for you to stay organized in your busy life.

5. WhatsApp

It is an instant messaging app where it is possible for users to communicate with one another through voice messages. text messages, video calling, and by sharing images and links from any corner of the
world. Besides, you can also access WhatsApp from your desktop computer.

6. Google News

It is one of the highly popular news apps that bring to you the most relevant news and happenings across the world.

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