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5 Amazing Facts About Bogibeel Bridge, India`s Longest Railroad Bridge!

Are you aware of the key facts about Bogibeel bridge, the longest railroad bridge of India and the engineering marvel that was recently inaugurated by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Here are the 5 mind-blowing facts about Bogibeel bridge:

1. Do you know that the total amount spent in the construction of this bridge has been Rs 5900 crore? Initially, the budget allocated for the completion of the bridge was Rs 3200 crore but the project got delayed and with that the expenditure was increased to 5900 crore.

2. The second most astonishing fact is that it took 21 long years to complete the Bogibeel bridge. The foundation stone of the bridge was laid by PM HD Deve Gouda in 1997 and then the construction work was started under late PM Atal Bihari Bajpayee. As this bridge has been built over the river Brahmaputra whose tempestuousness and pace are often a threat to the people living in the regions surrounding the river, the construction work of the bridge could have been undertaken only in the winter season. As a result, the completion of the work was delayed and the deadline kept on extending.

3. The Bogibeel bridge has a three-lane road on the upper deck and a railway track consisting of two lines on the lower deck. It will lessen the Delhi to Dibrugarh travel time by train by at least three hours.

4. As revealed by authorities, the Bogibeel bridge, one of the longest rail and road connectors in Asia, has a lifecycle of about 120 years.

5. The bridge is expected to play a key role in facilitating defence movement through the India-China border in Arunachal Pradesh. As per reported by the news agency PTI, the Indian Air Force can use the three road lanes of the bridge as three landing strips.

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