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Do You Know the Key Facts About Stratolaunch, The Largest Airplane in the World?

Are you aware of the fact that Stratolaunch is currently the largest aircraft in the world? Yes, it is true. Let me also inform you that this airplane is especially built to carry and discharge rockets thatwill perform the task of transporting satellites into space. Besides, it is noteworthy that the wingspan of Stratolaunch is 385-foot and the aircraft is equipped with six engines that have also been used by the Boeing 747. Here are more crucial and interesting facts about the biggest airplane in the world:

1. This aircraft is capable of carrying payload over 500,000 pounds and is around 50 feet tall.

2. It is also remarkable that this airplane is equipped with 28 wheels.

3. It is notable that recently Stratolaunch was launched in California for the first time. The plane had its test flight during which it flew over the Mojave Desert and the maiden journey continued for around two and a half hours. During the test flight, the maximum speed of the aircraft was 304 kilometers per hour and it had also touched the height of 17000 feet.

4. It is a huge airplane, with its wingspan being longer than a football field.

5. The identical fuselages of the airplane are 238 feet long.

6.  This aircraft was constructed by Scaled Composites, an engineering company.

7. Further, it is noteworthy that Stratolaunch was financed by Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft along with Bill Gates, with the objective of entering the market for launching small-sized satellites.

8. The aircraft was built at the Mojave Air and Space Port, in Mojave, California, in a 88,000-square-foot area that was specially constructed for this purpose.

Now, after its launch,  Stratolaunch is expected to offer a more adaptable way to install satellites than rockets that take off vertically  as with this aircraft, only a long runway for take-off is required.
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