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Is it OK for a Diabetic patient to have Glucon-D?

Is it OK for a Diabetic patient to have Glucon-D?
If you are suffering from diabetes, you can consume anything you want but you need to take special care to regulate your blood glucose levels. Regarding Glucon-D, kindly note that it is a supplement that provides instant energy to the body and hence it is also known as an instant energy drink that is especially in demand during the summer season. Glucon-D contains above 99% of Glucose, which is sugar and the remaining ingredients include a little bit of colouring and a specific flavour that are blended with the raw sugar so that it becomes fit for drinking and yields a suitable taste.

When Glucon-D is consumed in small amounts, it will not have any effect on your blood glucose levels.  But if taken in higher amounts, it will considerably increase your blood sugar. However, if a person suffering from diabetes has low sugar in blood then intake of 17-22 grams of Glucon-D will help in increasing sugar levels and ensuring that it remains normal.

It is also true that Glucon-D is  full of carbohydrates. And if you are a diabetic, your body will work considerably less with carbohydrates. Hence you can consume Glucon-D but it will completely disrupt your blood glucose levels. However, in case you are desperate to take Glucon-D to meet your energy needs, then go and take it but alongside do remember to take extra insulin to cover its usage so that your blood sugar levels remain within the normal range. Without additional insulin, the intake of Glucon-D will work to raise your blood sugar levels but will not provide you the energy that that you are looking forward to gain. This is because once you fall prey to diabetes, it will allow the glucose to remain in your blood and not enter the cells of your body where it releases energy.

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