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Union Cabinet passes resolution to dissolve 16th Lok Sabha

Union Cabinet passes resolution to dissolve 16th Lok Sabha
New Delhi: The Union Cabinet met on Friday and opt a verdict for the dissolution of the 16th Lok Sabha, context in direction the evolution of constituting the new House and forming the government after the completion of the general elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who headed the meeting, will meet President Ram Nath Kovind to handover the verdict that will cobblestone the way for constituting the 17th Lok Sabha.  The Election Commission will then issue a formal declaration constituting the new House.

The Kesari (Orange Army) Tsunami- mechanized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dazzled by the support of nationalism and development, and the BJP's organisational payload- rolled on in the Hindi heartland once more and is probably dangerous SP-BSP associate was blown away. The reality is that the BJP has exceeded its show this time as its vote share in several states consists of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana and obtained well over 50 per cent, nothing short of a numerical wonder in Indian electoral history.

It is figured out that the new government under Modi may be Sworn-in on May 30. Meanwhile, a meeting of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will be held on May 25 when Modi will be properly elected leader of the alliance before the President will lead him to form the next government. Earlier in the day one of the government spokesperson named Sitanshu Kar had tweeted that "the Cabinet and Council of Ministers will meet this evening". He said that dates for the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister and Union Council of Ministers are yet to be clear. With the official count in the Lok Sabha elections over on Friday, the BJP has obtained 303 seats, which is 22 seats more than it secured in the 2014 elections and along with its allies, the NDA took its tally up to 352 in the 17th Lok Sabha.

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