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Your wine preference indicates your personality

Your wine preference indicates your personality

You are what you drink. Diverse personalities are brought by diverse choices and preferences. Every man's choice is a manifestation of his well-being and individuality. Wine drinkers have different choices for their favourite vintages and these reflect their own traits and attributes. So what does your most loved beverage say about your personality?

The differences in people's choices for colours, styles, and tastes speak about uniqueness and preference.

Lifestyle and habits of people who often drink red wine differ from those who love white wines. Many experts have found the connection of our social habits to our choice of drink. Drinkers of red wines are believed to be more relaxed. White wine drinkers are more consistent and balanced. Whilst drinkers of rose wines are more assertive, motivated and demanding for change. Furthermore, most of red wine buffs are people who are educated, happily-married and are consistent drinkers.

Those who prefer white wines on the other hand, are people who can easily feel constant satisfaction and contentment in life. They are more content with their careers and relationships; and they have fewer tendencies to strive for more in the corporate world.

Red wine lovers see themselves as persons who are calm and confident; smart and determined, strong and intelligent. Whereas, white wine drinkers prefer to be practical, shy, quiet and reserved.

Rose drinkers describe themselves as warm, charming and passionate. According to studies, wine lovers also differ in terms of income. They differ largely on how they apply various strategies to earn a living. Amongst the wine drinkers, those who love reds have the highest income-generating capacity. Rose wine lovers, being loud and confident, are more active in social media. They like to post updates about their daily lives.

Though these are based from researches and studies, we cannot easily draw conclusions about the statements. All of us are unique and we tend to make changes in our choices through time. We adapt to the environment we live in and we are influenced by outside environmental and economic factors.

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