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A 16 years old boy playing PUBG dies of cardiac arrest in Neemuch

A 16 years old boy playing PUBG dies of cardiac arrest in Neemuch
Boy aged 16 died of heart attack in Indore after playing PUBG on his phone for around six hours and seemingly losing the game in Neemuch town of Madhya Pradesh.

Furkan Quereshi, studying Class XII suddenly became agitated while playing PUBG and started screaming, before he fell on the floor, his father Harun Rashid Quereshi told reporters.

This incident happened on 28th May when Furkan and his family went to visit their relative for a wedding. The PUB-G addicted Furkan got into the battle game soon after the lunch, said his father Harun Quereshi.

Furkan's sister, Fiza, who was beside him at the time of incident said that he suddenly started screaming "blast karo, blast karo (carry out the blast)". Then he removed his earphones, started crying and threw his mobile phone and said to himself that he will not play again with his friend Ayan as he made him to lose the battle when he keeled over she said.

Meanwhile, Furkan's family members rushed to rescue him when he fell down and took him to hospital, where the doctors declared that he was brought dead.

Ashok Jain, Cardiologist, who treated Furkan said reporters that, the boy had lost pulse when he was bought and we tried our best to rescue him, but he could not be revived.

Dr Jain further added that Furkan's heart was apparently healthy as per the family Furkan was a swimmer. The Excitement of the video game might be the reason for the surge in adrenaline, causing tachycardia (increased heart rate) and heart attack he said.

Mohd Hashim, Furkan's brother said that he was very much addicted to the game and sometimes played for 18 hours per day as well. I have uninstalled the battle game from my phone he said.

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