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PM Modi orders his new ministers to be in office by 9.30 am and limit work from home

PM Modi orders his new ministers to be in office by 9.30 am and limit work from home
PM Narendra Modi ordered all new ministers to try to be at office in time and limit working from home to be an example for others. Modi further suggested his co workers that not to plan any outside visit at the time of 40 days when Parliament is in session.

Viewing his own example when he was the chief minister of Gujarat, Modi said that he used to be at office before the officers were in and that assisted him in setting back the tasks for the day, a minister told reporters. PM hosted his first meeting of Council of Ministers after returning back to power.

PM Modi further asked senior ministers to assist the new members and also offer time to meet the elected MPs as there is no much difference between a minister and MP. Ministers of Modi parliament were asked to come up with a powerful and impactful five-year agenda, which needs to be taken in the initial 100 days of the government.

Previously, the Union Cabinet approved a bill to replace an ordinance issued in March 2019 which will help for higher education institutes to begin appointment of 7000 teachers taking the university or collage as one single entity and getting back the earlier reservation system.

While the official statement reported that giving a major platform to reform in education sector, making it inclusive and also remembering the aspirations of the people from several categories, the Union Cabinet has licensed the introduction of "the Central Educational Institutions Bill 2019".

However the appointments were on hold since March 2018, post the Allahabad High Court's 2017 order asked the universities to treat departments and not the university as a single unit for according reservations in teaching positions.

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