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What Are the Top 4 Countries Most Likely to Suffer from Earthquakes?

What Are the Top 4 Countries Most Likely to Suffer from Earthquakes?
Whenever an earthquake occurs, it causes enormous harm to life and also destroys property. Earthquakes cause devastation in numerous regions of the world on a yearly basis. An earthquake is a deadly natural phenomenon that triggers aftershocks, earth tremors, landslides, tsunamis and other disasters. The world we live in is separated into seismic zones on the basis of the tectonic plates and
the size of earthquakes.

Here are some of the countries which are most susceptible to earthquakes:

Indonesia is one of the nations which are significantly prone to earthquakes. In the last few years, earthquakes have caused extensive damage in the country. And in the year 2013, a quake of 6.1 magnitude hit the country and as a result over 35 people died.

Japan is one of the countries which is prone to suffer from earthquakes. This nation is extremely vulnerable to earthquakes due to its physical geography and its position which is close to the Pacific
Ring of fire, which is a tectonic plate located in the Pacific Basin and is primarily accountable for most of the earthquakes in the world. However. The biggest and the strongest quake to occur in this country was the earthquake that struck it on 11th March, 2011.

The country Philippines is located on the border of the Pacific Plate which is a seismic area. A lethal earthquake of size 7.1 Richter scale had hit the central  region of the country on 15th October 2013 and caused the deaths of over 100 people. Besides, in this nation, deadly earthquakes normally cause volcanic eruptions.

Mexico is located in one of the highly seismically active regions on earth and is one of the countries which is most likely to suffer casualties resulting from earthquakes. In the year 2014, Mexico was
hit by an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude and it caused many deaths in Guerrero, a state that lies in the southwestern part of the country.

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