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5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Metabolism Naturally

Here are a few natural ways to enhance your metabolism:

Drink coffee

Several studies have found out that caffeine intake may enhance metabolic rate and also lessen the risk of falling prey to type 2 diabetes. However, you should refrain from taking too many cups of coffee on a daily basis as it can lead to insomnia, nausea or

Practise High Intensity Exercises

It is noteworthy that high-intensity exercises can help in increasing metabolic rate and this further leads to quick burning of body fat. As per a latest disclosure, a study involving young overweight individuals concluded that practising high-intensity workouts for a period of 3 months led to a significant reduction of belly fat and fat

Drink Cold Water

According to studies, consuming 0.5 litres of water boosts resting metabolism by about 10-30% for a period of one hour. Further, it is noteworthy that drinking cold water may result in burning of more calories. Research also proves that those who keep away from
sugar-laden drinks and instead drink more water succeed in losing weight and in preventing weight gain.

Green Tea Boosts Metabolism

It is noteworthy that drinking green tea is proven to help in enhancing metabolism by around 4-5%. Along with green tea, oolong tea is also beneficial for boosting metabolism. Both green tea and oolong tea assist in converting body fat into free fatty acids, which may facilitate the burning of fat accumulated in the body.

Standing Up Helps

Research reveals that sitting for long periods is not good for health. It is due to the fact that sitting on your chair for hours prevent burning of more calories and can facilitate weight gain. However, according to studies, in comparison to sitting, spending a few hours at work standing up can lead to the burning of an additional 174 calories.

5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Metabolism Naturally | Drink coffee | Drink Cold Water | Green Tea Boosts Metabolism | Practice High Intensity Exercises | Standing Up Helps