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Five Instructions to Stay Strong During Monsoon

Five Instructions to Stay Strong During Monsoon

Monsoon is back again at this time of the year. There is certainly an alleviation from the singing warmth. The scorching heat of the Sun a monsoon has brought back a little relief from the heat but still. There is a lot of humidity stay healthy during the rainy season in this season people tend to drink coffee tea or a bowl of soup many people love to go out and beat street food. They often tend to ignore the very fact that will be the start of monsoon there is absolutely a rise in various borne diseases. There can be diseases like malaria or dengue that caused due to mosquito apart from mosquito bites. There is a risk of getting viral infections one can also get a high viral fever during this season.

Number one always carrying a monsoon essential well. You should always carry an umbrella to guard yourself against the sudden downpour of the rain one should not be callous and judge the weather by just gazing at the sky. In case you are traveling via bike or scooter then you should always wear a raincoat.

Number two avoid street foods people love to eat fried foods during all monsoons but during all monsoons, the oil is not changed instead rainwater can also be mixed in the oil that is used for cooking moreover drink only mineral water and avoid juices and other road-side beverages. These averages tend to be contaminated once they are mixed with rainwater, which contains many impure salts.

Number three avoid rubbing if you are bitten by a mosquito then you should avoid itching it. This is because the infection enters through nose body and mouth so keep the influenced area undisturbed and consult a doctor.

Number four keep a check on the mosquito in monsoon. The populations of mosquito tend to increase. This is because there is amply of still water and it proves to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Check the water in your coolers and replace it every day the other areas in your home that may contain stagnant water are flowerpots aquariums and drains one should clean them using some decontamination or at least cover them.

Number five drink herbal tea one should drink herbal tea that has antibacterial properties this may help to improve your immunity and help you develop strong immunity against germs and bacteria. These will definitely help you stay healthy during rainy season health tip do not cook green leafy vegetables with lime juice or tamarind as it prevents the absorption of nutrients

Always carry the monsoon essentials | Avoid scratching | Avoid street foods | Drink herbal tea | Keep a check on mosquito