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If the earth is round, then why do the people living at the bottom fall?

First of all, know which direction it is below. The bottom direction is not the same for everyone. Nothing matters above or below the space. The moon looks up when viewed from the earth, while at the same time the earth looks up when viewed from the moon. Why this direction confusion. Below means which side of the planet or satellite we are standing on, because the force of gravity always pulls everything towards the center. See for example in the picture below. See for all the persons A, B, C, D. The downward direction is different. If we make our point then we can compare ourselves with C because India is almost at the same place. Now here you see A, B, C are all tied to the gravitational force of the earth. It is not that only A is standing on the earth, B and C are hanging on the earth and are telling each other. Brother, do not give up, do not leave.

Here you can see that for A the moon is up, while for D the earth is up, while E is the farthest point, the direction has no meaning for it. If he is upside down, he will feel that I am straight, everything else is the opposite.

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