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What is an interesting fact about the Amazon Forest?

Exciting and interesting facts related to the Amazon Rainforest

If you are fond of adventure and you like to roam in the forests, then you will definitely know about the Amazon forest, whose secret has not been understood to date. These forests are as calm to see from outside as are dangerous from the inside, which has swallowed many people.

There are many such scary and strange jives in this forest. There are two aspects to this forest. The First feature, this forest is very well-known for its attractiveness. A large number of people come here and enjoy it. At the same time, the other aspect of this forest is that this forest is deadly, due to which many Surrey people take scary memories from here. So let's know about the interesting facts of this dangerous and amazing forest.

World's largest forest

Mosquitoes, as well as small animals, are killed.

These small insects found in the Amazon are extremely dangerous and fatal. You may have seen many ants, but you may not have seen a dangerous ant-like bullet ant here. It is small in appearance, but its sting is no less dangerous than poison. Its bite is like a bullet. Perhaps this is why it is called bullet ant.

Circumcised animals of the Amazon Forest

This forest is the largest forest in the world. The area of this forest is 5.5 million square kilometers. This forest is so big that you can guess that it alone touches the borders of 9 countries. These forests started from Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French extends to the borders of Guyana. If Amazon were a country, it would have been the largest number 9 country in the world. It makes up 20% percent of the world's oxygen. Many species of plants, insects, animals etc. are found here.

Amazon River

The way the jungle is the world's largest, the 6,400 km long Amazon River flowing through the Amazon rainforest is the world's longest river. Amazon contributes 20 percent of the sweet water that goes into the world's oceans. About thirty million people from nine countries live on the banks of the Amazon River.

Living in the Amazon is not considered easy, even though it looks very cool and pleasant to see the forest, but you can fall ill here because mosquitoes and insects found here are very deadly. Many times people get so sick due to their bite that it becomes difficult to save them.

More than 3000 spider species are found here, most of which are poisonous. Tarantula spider is considered to be the most merciless spider here. It is said that when this spider bites, it leaves a lot of poison. If the victim has good luck then he survives, otherwise, God is the master.

100 kinds of poisonous frogs are also found in this forest, these small frogs with bright colored skins are very dangerous, which contains poison to kill ten people. These frogs are commonly seen in the Amazon. Those who know about them always keep the distance from them.

All of you must have seen the Hollywood film Anaconda and in this film, you have seen the biggest snake in the world and it is really very easily found in this forest. 30 feet of snakes are usually found in the Amazon forests. In 1992, a Catholic priest appeared in the Amazon jungles in 1992 and saw a snake 75 feet long and exactly 7 years later, the same snake was seen floating in the water.

This place is considered very dangerous for the people of the outside world. It is said that the tribal of the world's most dangerous tribes reside in these forests, who do not like that any outsider can peep into their area. Many explorers have lost their lives by visiting these forests.


Fishes and crocodiles live in the river flowing through the forest. One of the world's most dangerous fish, a species of fish called piranha, is easily found here, which easily pierces its Sikar with its pointed teeth.

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