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What is some interesting facts about the great scientist Albert Einstein?

The year Sir James Maxwell died, Sir Einstein was born that year. At the time of birth, his brain was bigger than normal children and the doctor described him as mentally challenged.

He started studying at the age of 7, he was not good at reading, once the mathematics teacher had also called him Lazy Dog but his favorite subject was mathematics.

Due to being a great scientist, very young people used to come to meet him once, a young man came to meet him and asked him that Sir, a lot of people would come to meet you every day and today I have also come, but I have come to ask you the basic mantra of your success. I want to know that Einstein smiled after listening to that young man said just one word

Sir Einstein's ideal was Sir Galileo. In the last time of his life, Sir Einstein had spoken something in German, but unfortunately the person he had at that time did not have knowledge of German language and Sir Einstein's last words remained a secret.

Einstein loved animals and kept a cat and often spent time with him.

Once a person asked him about his lab, he smilingly pointed to his head and when smiling what is the most necessary device, he replied smilingly my fountain pen.

Einstein used to take $ 5 of his autograph and $ 1000 of speech and later gave this amount to charity.

Some time ago a photo of him was auctioned, which is worth 80 lakhs, there is also his signature below this photo.

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