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Which is the place where gravitational force is not found?

There is nothing in the world that is not affected by the gravitational force of the Earth and whatever goes up in the air, whether heavy or light, solid or liquid, will definitely come down due to this force.

Let's know about those places

1- Gold Stone - Myanmar

This golden rock is known as Kiyatiyo Pagoda and the site has great significance for the followers of Buddhism. After seeing the rock, one can feel that it can fall at any time but it has been kept like this for more than 2500 years. People believe that this rock is organized in this way because it has hair of Buddha but only women can move it. This is the reason why women are not allowed near the rock and to ensure that, guards are appointed by the authorities.

2- Water Flows Reverse - England

It seems unbelievable but it is true that there is a waterfall which flows in reverse which means from bottom to top. This waterfall is near Hayfield in Derbyshire Peak District. It is seen that the Kinder River flows downstream to a certain point and then starts flowing upstream. This happens because the air pressure is so high that it forces the water to flow upward.

3- Oregon Vortex, Home of Secrets

It is a famous tourist destination now on the roadside in Golden Hill, Oregon, and people like to come here in the present day to experience unusual things. However, this was not the case in the old days as the place was declared prohibited by the locals. There is a broom here that has never been laid in such a way as to keep it and bounce round even on flat surfaces. Many people have used specialized tools to find out the cause of strange events, but none have been successful to date.

4- Hoover Dam - Nevada

The Hoover Dam was known as the Boulder Dam until 1947 and is being built along the border on two US states - Nevada and Arizona. It is an arch-shaped dam built on the Black Canyon of the Colorado River and is 726.4 feet long. A person needs to do a simple experiment to see if gravity works there. When the water from the bottle is spilled into the dam, instead of flowing downstream, the water flows upwards.

5- Reverse spring - India

Like England, India also has an inverted waterfall and is just 3 hours away from Mumbai. This waterfall is in Naneghat which is quite close to Junnar in Pune, and the reason for the water to flow upstream is the strong wind that forces the water to flow in an upward direction.

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