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What to do if you are not clever in speaking?

Some people are very clever to speak, they attract others by their words. On the other hand, there are some people who either hesitate to talk to others or they do not have any topic to talk to the person in front.

They keep thinking, what to talk about now? That is why they always remain silent in front of others. The person in front does not like to talk to him as a bore. If this is the case then what to do so that the person does not feel bad and he feels that he is listening to me carefully and does not feel boredom.

Let's know what should such a person do-

When the person in front is talking, then say the last 2 or 3 words after it again. As the person in front said that today I will go for a walk. Ask him if you will go for a walk today?

I have brought very tasty food today. Just tell me what tasty food you have brought today? In this way, what the front is saying. Break the same thing a little and say it again.

In this way, you will not even have to think what I say now and the person in front will be very happy to meet you.

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