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Why does the elbow hit the current?

A special part of the elbow collides somewhere, the brain becomes numb and inside you feel a tingle.
The bone of the elbow, where we feel a sharp current or a laugh when it collides, is called a funerary bone in general. Talking in the language of medical science, funi bone is actually ulnar nerve. This nerve goes through our neck (collar bone), shoulders and hands and ends up on the ring finger and little finger by splitting it near the wrist. Here, let us tell you that the job of the nerves is to carry messages from the brain to the rest of the body.

Like the entire nervous system of the body, most part of the ulnar nerve is secured between bones, medulla and joints. But the part passing through the elbow is covered only by skin and fat. In such a situation, as soon as the elbow hits somewhere, it directly blows on the nerve. To put it another way, a direct injury to the bone bone means pressing between the bone of the ulnar nerve and the external thing that it collides with. This pressure directly on the nerve gives you a strong tingling, tickling and mixed feeling of pain. This is the reason why you feel equally awkward every time, no matter how much you hurt the elbow.

Let us also know with this how Alner Nerve got the name Funny Boney. There are two answers to this question in the medical world. According to the first answer, the ulnar nerve passes through our arm bone which in medical language is called humors. The word humors is similar to humerus (fun). Some people believe that due to this similarity it has been named Funny Bone. Second answer, because of this name, injury to the ulnar nerve tells you to have a mixed but strange feeling of laughter, anger or current.

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