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Science says that the Sun is a ball of gas, the gas spreads in space, it is not visible, then why has the Sun not flown like gas, why is it still in existence?

You are correct that the Sun is a very big sphere of gas, but this truth or presume is completely incorrect. In the event that the Sun is a gas circle, at that point for what reason don't all the gases present in it fly away.

Before I start the appropriate response, let us see a few realities about the Sun.

Size of the Sun: The Earth is around multiple times the size of the Sun, while as far as weight, the Sun is around multiple times heavier than the Earth.

Over 99% of the close planetary system has a place with the sun alone.

As indicated by one gauge, the temperature of the focal point of the Sun is around 17 million degrees centigrade. 1,000,000 equivalents 1000000. Means the temperature of the focal point of the sun is 100 seventy million degrees centigrade.

At such a high temperature, it is unthinkable for anything, even oxygen, hydrogen, and so on., to stay in its structure. Indeed, even there, leave the gas particles there, the molecule can't stay in its structure.

Nuclear atoms and different substances dwell there in the condition of plasma, this state is discovered more in the middle. Plasma has its own gravitational power, as indicated by disclosures by the American Institute of NASA. It draws in one another, be that as it may, it additionally shows the properties of gravity for some other article.

It involves revelation how gravity functions even at such high temperatures.

This is the matter of gravity, presently as per your inquiry, for what reason didn't all the gases fly out of the gas as sun?

So the appropriate response is that plasma draws all the gases because of its gravity since its thickness is high in the sun.

A similar plasma likewise controls extremely high temperatures and weights, that is, blasts from atomic combination.

The outside of the Sun is never steady since it is of gas. It is continually extending and contracting. When the cycle of atomic combination happens, its layer moves out marginally, and yet it is pulled in by the plasma.

Because of this, its size remains practically steady. As I said before, the size of the Sun is around multiple times the size of the Earth and the separation is a large number of miles, so when looking from the Earth we don't think a lot about its size and we feel that He is practically steady.

Some sun oriented tempests in the past have come in light of the fact that the quantity of atomic rings has expanded incredibly, because of which the measure of energy produced has likewise expanded drastically. Subsequently, quick radiation streams into the nearby planetary group. This was known as the sunlight based tempest.

Presently what might you say is the confirmation of plasma ??

Let me likewise disclose to you that: - Whenever the photograph of the sun has been taken with a certain goal in mind, regardless of whether it is infrared imaging innovation or bright or some other channel, there are in every case a few spots on the outside of the sun. The individuals who discovered this subsequent to examining are the indication of attractive field.

This is possible only if there is something within the surface of the Sun that produces a magnetic field.

Apart from this, the magnetic winds of about 450 kilometers per hour coming out of the Sun are also a strong witness to this fact.

Now you say why don't we feel it ?? The reason for this is the Earth's own magnetism and our atmosphere and specific gases which are present in the ion system.

The ozone layer prevents ultraviolet rays and other gases block these winds. Nearly every type of radiation comes out of the sun, our atmosphere is blocked by all these radiation. The suits are designed keeping in mind the safety of the passengers who go into space.

In short, it can be said that the Sun is a very large ball of gas, which has a temperature of millions of degrees centigrade. At such a high temperature the substance remains in its rare state of plasma. Which is the main source of gravity of the Sun, this plasma binds the clouds of hydrogen and helium.

This hydrogen helium and other small elements produce nuclear and extremely large amounts of light by nuclear fusion. Due to which we feel this even millions of miles away on earth.

Now the matter of the sun has arisen, then I fulfill what will happen if all the hydrogen Hillium gas runs out because someone will ask in the comment box. So listen, by the time the sun's hydrogen and helium gas runs out, by then all the elements present in it will have fused into other heavy elements.

According to some theories, as soon as the elements of hydrogen and helium in the sun reach the atomic number of iron, its end will start at the same time.

In that case what will happen is that the gravity of the Sun's core will increase rapidly due to iron and other heavy elements, because hydrogen and Hillium are about to dissipate, that is, less then the nuclear fusion was happening to balance this gravity. Would have been reduced.

The outer surface of the Sun will collapse inward. And a huge explosion will throw all the material out. (Don't worry, by that time man will have finished the earth by his actions).

The entire area will glow for many years due to the brilliance or aura generated after the explosion.

What will happen after that is also a long story, but that ever again.

Additional information — According to a new discovery, the temperature of the Earth's core is higher than the outermost surface of the Sun i.e. the corona.

Source:  National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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