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What occur by intake cardamom before sleeping at night?

Cardamom is much smaller in appearance than it is in its properties. Cardamom is not only used to make food tastier but it is also used as a medicine. Cardamom is available at every Indian's home. Cardamom has a lot of benefits for health. Small cardamom is used for fragrance and taste. Today we are telling you the benefit of eating small cardamom and drinking warm water.

If we eat two cardamom with warm water before going to bed at night, know what are the benefits and what should be kept in mind while using it. First of all, let's talk about the benefits of small cardamom.

Property - Small cardamom is phlegm, cough, smallpox, hemorrhoids and diuretic pesticides. It pleases the mind. Purifies the wound. Removes heart and throat blemish. Makes the heart strong. Mental mania relieves vomiting and nausea. It removes odor of the mouth and smells and breaks stones. Properties of large cardamom are also similar to those of small cardamom. Cardamom intake is beneficial in jaundice, indigestion, arthritis, burning sensation in the chest, abdominal pain, nausea, hiccups, asthma, stones and joint pain.

If we eat two cardamom and drink hot water, then we do not remain constipated. By doing this, our digestive power is cured and due to the digestion, the problem of chronic constipation is also cured. If you are also suffering from constipation So eat two cardamom with hot water every night.

By eating small cardamom, semen is formed. By eating two cardamom with warm water before going to bed at night, the person whose semen is diluted, their semen gets strengthened and thickened and all kinds of semen disorders are destroyed. This recipe is also very beneficial to cure. This recipe also reduces the problem of hair loss. People who shave their hair can adopt this recipe.

Treatment of various diseases

Dreaming: By taking equal quantity of cardamom seeds and isabgol in amla juice, taking 1-1 spoon in the morning and evening is beneficial.

In case of irritation or blurred eyes: Grind cardamom seeds and sugar in equal quantity. At that point add castor powder to its 4 grams powder and take it. It cools the brain and eyes and makes the eyes light faster.

Hemorrhage, Blood disease

Make a powder by taking equal quantity of cardamom seeds, saffron, nutmeg, mango nutcation, cobra saffron and conch shell. Mix 2 grams of this powder, 2 grams of honey, 6 grams of cow's ghee and three grams of sugar and eat it. It should be consumed every morning and evening for about fourteen days. Eat it at night and put sugar in half a kilogram of cow's milk and heat it and drink it and go to sleep. This will give relief in blood leprosy, blood mellitus (bloody piles) and hematuria. Keep in mind that till then do not eat hot things like jaggery, kernel etc.

Phlegm: Mix cardamom seeds, rock salt, ghee and honey and drink it, it provides relief.

Semen confirmation: Mixing cardamom seeds, mace, almonds, cow butter and sugar candy, and taking it daily in the morning strengthens the semen.

Diuretic  (difficulty in urinating or burning): Eating powder of cardamom seeds mixed with honey provides relief in urination (burning sensation in urine).

Vertical (Amalgam) on disease: After roasting a little cardamom with ghee, after grinding it and licking it in a powder made of honey, licking provides relief.

On the disease of the mouth: Mix the powder of cardamom and powdered alum powder and put saliva in the mouth and drop the saliva. After this, wash the mouth with clean water. Doing 4-5 times a day daily provides relief in mouth disease.

All types of pain: Make a decoction of cardamom seeds, asafoetida, Indrajav and rock salt and mix in castor oil. This causes pain that arises in the waist, heart, stomach, navel, back, womb (belly), head, ears and eyes immediately.

All types of fever: Boil cardamom seeds, vine and venom to mix with milk and water until only the milk remains. In the case of cold, filtering it and drinking it cures all types of fever.

Cuff-Diuretic: Mixing powder of cardamom powder in any one of these three things is beneficial by drinking cow's urine, honey or banana leaf juice.


  •          By burning cardamom peels, mixing its ashes with honey, licking provides relief in vomiting.
  •          Vomiting stops immediately by drinking one fourth teaspoon of cardamom powder mixed with pomegranate syrup.
  •          Drinking 4 pinches of cardamom powder mixed with half a cup of pomegranate juice stops vomiting.


  •          5-10 drops cardamom juice is beneficial in the condition of vomiting, cholera, diarrhea.
  •          Cook 10 grams of cardamom in one kg of water, when 250 ml water remains, take it off and cool it. Sip-2 water and drink it in a little while, the side effects of cholera, thirst and diuresis are cured. 

      Jamalaghota poison: Grind cardamom seeds in curd and give it benefits.

Belly will be in

If your stomach is out and you want to do it inside, then eat 2 cardamom at night and drink warm water. In this, potassium, magnesium, bitumin B1, B6 and Vitamin C melt excess body fat. Furthermore, the fiber and calcium present in it additionally control weight. So remember to eat cardamom and drink boiling water.

Hair fall stops

Eating two cardamom at night, drinking water, strengthens hair roots. Hair loss stops and they also remain black. Dandruff of hair is also removed by this.

Sperm count grows

If your sperm count is less then this recipe is also effective for that. A sperm count is increased by drinking cardamom and hot water from above.

Blood circulation goes away

If you eat two glasses of cardamom and drink a glass of warm water, your blood becomes purified as well as blood circulation is corrected. Which makes your skin even better.

Digitization will be strong

If you eat cardamom and drink hot water, then your digestion system becomes strong. It cleanses the intestines and kidneys. It also removes the problem of constipation.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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