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First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting the Privacy Policy page of our website.
The pointers included in this policy are as follows:

This Privacy Policy is applicable to https://www.amazinglifefact.com  and all our subsidiary sites
honour the privacy of people using this website and our other affiliated sites. We would also like to
inform you that this Policy includes the use of private information by Amazing Life Fact Inc. the
registered address of which is Uttam Nagar West, New Delhi – 110059.

We, at amazinglifefact.com, are fully dedicated to safeguard the confidentiality of your private
details that are voluntarily or involuntarily collected through this website or other online/offline
sources that are affiliated to us. As per online privacy laws, we consider it as one of our key
responsibilities to guard the personal data gathered from you. The personal information that we
collect from our users may consist of their email IDs, names, telephone numbers, postal addresses
or other details that are amassed online.

Please note that we reserve the right to share the informative details that you have provided us
with our affiliated sites and applications to deliver the most appropriate and updated content to you. 
Our principal goal is to make amazinglifefact.com secure as well as entertaining for our visitors and
we have been continuously doing our best to deliver the most excellent user experience to you.

We are continuously devoted to provide you with the most authentic and latest amazing life facts
and information about the key events and phenomena occurring around the world. If you are
looking for any of these, this website is the right destination for you.

If you have any query relating to the terms and conditions incorporated in our Privacy Policy
kindly get in touch with us at pwaskumar007@gmail.com.